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Driving Super Human Results for Our Zors

Sidekicks are a united force, utilizing proprietary technology, sophisticated marketing, and our Sidekick 7 checkpoint process to pair outstanding clients with your exceptional brands. 

We believe buying a franchise should be an exceptional experience for both Zees & Zors. That's why we're doing things differently at Franchise Sidekick. Not only are Sidekick clients better prepared for franchise ownership, we're also creating a better experience for our brands.

How it Works

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with our team

Submit an application to join the Sidekick inventory. Once our team has reviewed it, we'll reach out to schedule a call with your team.

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We'll evaluate
your brand  

Brands complete a rigorous evaluation process prior to being accepted into the Sidekick portfolio. Once accepted, 180-day health checks ensure brands continue to adhere to the Sidekick standards. 


and Launch

After evaluation, your brand will begin onboarding as either a Standard, Accelerated or Certified brand. After submitting an onboarding form and brand assets, you'll be added to the Sidekick portfolio!


We believe our Zors should only pay when we all succeed. It's completely free to join the Sidekick inventory.

As a franchisor you shouldn't: 

Untitled design-74 Have to pay a referral group before they Drive results
Untitled design-74 Have mandatory expensive conferences and events
Untitled design-74 Have cost-prohibitive resale fees

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